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Free Drive Thru COVID-19 Testing

We’re proud to announce CovClinic. Our partner brand in helping us serve our communities by offering free testing for the COVID-19 virus. We make it easy by testing anyone and everyone that wants to get tested, no insurance needed. Through this model we’ll be able to fast track people into keeping them knowledgeable on their infection status when it comes to the virus.

With a free PCR test, we can get you results in 2-3 days. We are also offering rapid antibody and antigen tests starting at $100, which is much cheaper than competitors, and can get you results in minutes. Our team of healthcare professionals and logistics engineers are working tirelessly to get sites set up in multiple states across the USA. We plan to have 50 sites up by early March, and then transition those sites into vaccination locations as well.

For more information on what CovClinic has to offer, and a location near you to get tested. go to